Marketing and PR: How They Differ

In the “old” days, before the digital revolution brought most commerce online, marketing and public relations (PR) were two distinct disciplines divided into their own departments and agencies. Marketers identified prospects’ needs and disseminated messages that guided audiences toward a purchase. On the other hand, public relations professionals managed an organization or public figure’s public image by increasing positive press and maintaining their brand reputation. There was little crossover between these two fields.

But since the rise of the digital sphere, content marketing, and social media, the lines have blurred.

Today, many marketers have taken on PR duties, and public relations pros have become more integrated into marketing teams. It’s not unusual to see people straddle both roles simultaneously — especially within small organizations.

And yet, marketing and PR are still different practices with their own objectives, strategies, tactics, and methods for measuring performance.

If you’re still not entirely sure how PR and marketing differ, you’re not alone. Today, we’ll illuminate those differences to help you understand.

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